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30 Oct 2007   05:56:54 pm
NEW NPT COMIC: Spirit of the Season
NEW NPT COMIC: Spirit of the Season here

And Another Happy Halloween To Everyone!

Busy day!
Not much to say!
But later though,
we'll have more to show!

Happy Holiday!

Category : Comic, Not Prime Time Posted By : B.A.
27 Oct 2007   05:49:21 pm
Archives are broke. They'll be fixed soon.
The Doctor Insano archives are broke at the moment.
They will be fixed soon.

Category : Comic Posted By : B.A.
26 Oct 2007   08:57:36 pm
Happy Halloween Everyone!
Check out the front page!
There's a poster for your enjoyment!
Just check out that Insano family in action!
Thanks for your support!

direct poster link here

forum link here

Many thanks to the artist.

Category : Comic Posted By : B.A.
23 Oct 2007   09:26:07 pm
NEW NPT COMIC! Move'n Sucks
New NPT comic here

Yeah, the name pretty much sums up a lot. Moving sucks!

Ok, it's been a long time coming, but we got some new content up.

It's not the main comic I know, that is due soon, but this is a sign to let everyone know we are getting back into the swing of things.

The summer was a whole lot crazy with a bit pure insanity mixed in.

A new NPT comic is in the works already and TWO Doctor Insano comic items will be presented soon.

We are also looking to rewrite some of the site code so if you get the odd blank page or site error, don't worry about it. It will only be temporary.

We are still looking into upgrading the forum software. There have been way too many spam registrations. If you signed a legitimate account and got delete, please send us a note on the contact form along with your username.

Also, we are investigation writing a Facebook game. Who know, you might see Insano Robot vs Talents vs Alien battles there soon!

Thanks everyone for your support!

Time for more insanity!!!!

Category : Comic, Not Prime Time Posted By : B.A.
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