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23 May 2007   05:50:52 pm
New Comic: Textual Problems
Comic Here

Forum Here

Ok, this news update is running a bit late. Been busy. Helping sis move, helping sis's roommate move, keeping an eye on a recovering WoW addict (very dangerous! withdrawl sypmtoms are a bitch!), making up for three missed springs of cleaning, bit of a book reading, bit of comic sorting, and a bit of Gears of War too. Woo hoo!

Anyways, a preview comic was posted last Friday, and the official strip was put up Tuesday (yesterday).

Currently, we have another special edition NPT in the works.

Remember this last Special NPT?

You can see it from there start here.

We are currently working on the archive listing page. We've been informed it sucks. We hope to have most of the suck removed from it soon.

Category : Comic Posted By : B.A.
16 May 2007   06:57:18 pm
Flash Banner Problem
Ok, I just realized that our nice little flash banner over on the character gallery page wasn't working for people using IE. Since I rarely ever use IE, this flaw was overlooked. It's been loading fine in Firefox as far as I can tell. Anyways, if you tried taking a look before and didn't see anything, please try again by clicking here .

Sorry for the mess!
Category : General Posted By : B.A.
16 May 2007   06:51:19 pm
New NPT Comic: You Can't Make This Stuff Up!
New NPT Comic here

Forum here.

Ok, this update is running a few days late. The NPT has been up for a bit already.

And really, you can't make this stuff up. Just look here for proof. I'm sure there has to be a logical reason why what happened, happened. Drugs? Mental? Still, ewww.... Hate to hear about that.

Now, as for the comic, your's truly is trying new things again (remember, I'm NOT the artist - though I guess that really isn't hard to tell!). Animals! Never tried drawing one before. Poorly done nudity! If you only see a bare butt, it's only PG-13, right? I have to say, as I said before, I really like computer drawing tablets. I've been shown how to ink a drawing, but digital 'inking' is really nice. Much smaller file sizes, and a lot less debris to clean out the image, than when scanning in a drawing. Still, so much more to learn!

Anyways, the next Doctor Insano comic is on schedule. Should be up next week. Woo hoo.

-- B.A.
Category : Comic, Not Prime Time Posted By : B.A.
11 May 2007   08:04:27 pm
New Comic: Lord of the Flies, Part 6
The final installment of the Fly Saga has been posted here.

Comic forum here.

(A preview of it was posted yesterday, the revised comic is now up).

Ok, that it's for long story arcs for the moment.

Again, we are going to play with our comic format, and try some new things.

Never fear though, the next strip is already in the works!

By the way, we've put together a flash banner. You can see it (for a while) over on the character gallery page.

Hopefully, with our format change, we'll be able to get the Doctor to visit on a more regular schedule.

In the meantime, if you are curious, you can checkout what our lab rats Tom and Ralph are doing over on the NPT Comic section.

Thanks again for all of everyones words of support. They have been appreciated!

Category : Comic Posted By : B.A.
08 May 2007   09:48:48 pm
New Npt Comic: Even More Non News
Even More Non News!

Comic here.
Forum here.

Oh, the lovely news.

Breaking news over the weekend: someone went to jail. Guess what? Someone goes to jail every weekend. We don't need to hear about it.

Now, that tale about the tornado that went dancing out west, and destroyed a town, that was news, terrible news, but real news. And so were the follow up stories about people searching for what they had left, not to mention the additional tales of people finding lost pets, the continuing successful recoveries, and other tales of the human condition. Those tales, those stories, those personal epics, those were real news. So sad it takes a tragedy or some other catastrophe, to pull the press's head out of Hollywood’s rear for a brief moment. The Press - that is an entity that has a somewhat constitutional responsibility to help safeguard American liberties. Seems they've forgotten that. So sad... So Scary…

It's too late to rant tonight.

New Doctor Insano strip soon.

Good night.
Category : Comic, Not Prime Time Posted By : B.A.
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