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29 Apr 2007   06:11:45 pm
Sketchbook Update
Alas, the Artist has struck my art attempt down from the sketchbook page, and replaced it with his own!

You can check out the update here.

Ok, other notes:
The final 'Lord of the Flies' strip is coming along well. Hopefully, we will be concluding this little story shortly.

On another note, we'll have an official NPT comic (well, as official as an unofficial comic can get) posted tomorrow. Woo hoo!

See everyone then!

Category : General Posted By : B.A.
25 Apr 2007   07:45:42 pm
Site Updates
Site Updates

This news post is running a little behind.

We've updated most of the empty or incomplete pages on the site. A lot of these updates are transitory in nature, and will be replaced with fresher material in the near future.

Anyways, here's a catalog listing of what's new!:

1) Character Gallery Update (you can see here)
All of these guys

John Insano
Captain Infallible

now have their own page

The John and Polly pages still need more work. Rupert and Sparky are due for minor change.s All of the character portraits are temporary.

2) We finally put something up on the archive page. Woo hoo! No more black page with links. You can check out what we did here.
Also, since that update is temporary too, and since I'm also rather fond of the artwork we've post to that page, I've also loaded it up as this weeks NPT comic, which you can also see here. I also loaded the Sparky artwork as an NPT comic.

3) Also, since I don't think we've mentioned it before, I thought I'd let everyone know that the complaint department was updated some time back. You can see what was put up here.

4) We also put some place holder artwork up on the 'sketchbook' page. You can see what we put here.
Two more notes related to the 'sketchbook' page. I've been told some real nifty stuff is going to posted on it soon, so keep a look out for changes on that page.
The other note is this: the 'easel' image up on that page is the second image I've drawn using a graphic tablet. It was based off a few example art bits laying around my drawing kit. I'm not really an artist, but I'm fairly happy with the result.
The Sparky character gallery comic was the first thing I drew with the tablet, and hence the roughness of that comic.

5) The next NPT comic is ready for a Monday posting. Woo hoo! That will be the third thing I've drawn with the graphic tablet. I'm actually starting to like that toy a lot!

I guess thats about it. Oh, work continues on the final 'Lord of the Flies' strip! Double Woo Hoo!

Keep an eye out the site. More updates are coming!

Thanks to all!

Category : Comic Posted By : B.A.
19 Apr 2007   09:04:01 pm
Things of note

Yep... Ralph certainly is holding up the truth in his hand!

Anyways, the next main strip script is being tweaked a bit at the moment, and numerous other site updates are in the works.

The NPT comics are taking a break while I catch on other things (you know, like writing - my primary job!).

What else is on the agenda...

I'm currently debating upgrading the forum software.


After we complete 'The Lord of the Files' arc, we are going to play with our comic format again.

Good. Hmmm... What else?...

Oh, we are doing more work on the character gallery!

And two more things that are not site related, but might be of interest to the gaming public:

There is this awesome movie of The Master Chief and the Samus get'n it on over at You can see it here.

Also, the comic strip Duelinganalogs is reporting that a beta for Starcraft 2 will be due out at the end of the year. Woo hoo! (if it's true). You can see that comic here.

That's it for now. Hope to have more news soon!

Category : General Posted By : B.A.
10 Apr 2007   09:30:56 pm
New Comic: Lord of the Flies, Part 5
New Comic: Lord of the Flies, Part 5

Comic here
Comic forum here

We deliver! See, I told you so: new comic on Tuesday!
Ok, kinda late Tuesday - but that's beside the point. It's here!

Things are out of hand in the lab!
Stay tuned for the stunning conclusion!
Same Insano time!
Same Insano channel!

Alright, that was a bit corny. I admit it. Gimmie a break though. It's late, and that's the best I can do at the moment!

Yeah, I know that promise about the time is an absolute lie, but one can hope. Right?

On a side note, we a have new toy coming in. One of those famous WACOM tablets. Very curious to see what we can do with this. Expect to see some oddness creep into the NPTs!

Thanks for your patronage.

Category : Comic Posted By : B.A.
08 Apr 2007   08:21:27 am
New Site Section: Sketchbook
New site feature! The Sketchbook!

You can find it here.

When he feels like it, The Artist will be posting bits of his work here for people to see and enjoy. It's empty at the moment, but good things will come.

-- B.A.
Category : General Posted By : B.A.
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