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27 Feb 2007   09:37:47 pm
Forum Problems
Thanks to all of you (and I do mean ALL ten of you! ) who have signed up and participated in the forums.

At the moment, we are having problems with the forums and are investigating them. Please bear with us as we address this issue. Thank you for your visit.

- B.A.


Ok, talked to the web hosting people.
Seems many of their hosted sites are having these issues.
The engineers are working on the issue... I'm told...

Welps, the hosting people say all should be good now.
We'll see.

Meanwhile, the people at want me to put a link here to verify this blog, so here it goes:

Technorati Profile
Category : General Posted By : B.A.
25 Feb 2007   08:39:38 pm
NPT Comic: Idiocy at the speed of sound
New NPT comic here is a topical comic.
This is actually a comic for the forum, so I'm temporarily skipping the next 'Stellar Cafe' art attempt.

I hope my poor art is able to convey the intended message.

In the past few weeks, I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about Anna Nicole Smith, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and a whole host of others. The crap that the media has been spraying into the news lately is the kind of stuff that used to be reserved for Cosmo and the Tabloids. What the hell happened? You'd almost forget that there were other things going on in the world.

I would rant on this a little longer, but this comic took much longer than expected and has not left me much time to run my mouth on this issue.

Check the comic forum to add your own thoughts.

I may add a few more of mine, when I find the time.

- B.A.
Category : Comic Posted By : B.A.
22 Feb 2007   09:34:10 pm
New Comic: Lord of the Flies, Part 3
New Comic: Lord of the Flies Part 3

Mutant clones and robots. Lovely stuff.

The good doctor and John have their hands full here.

Wonder what's the difference between the doctor's duplicator, and a Star Trek replicator ? Wouldn't it be great if a fly got stuck in the replicator system? Gum up the works a bit, mix in a little excitement. Especially since nothing ever seems to break on a Federation vessel (considering how often the TARDIS used too break down, the Federation could give the Time Lords of Gallifrey some construction advice. Seems they've embraced the concept of designed obsolescence to a dangerous degree in their ships!).

Wonder what Picard would do?
Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.
Tea, Earl Grey, Hot, No Fly.

Wonder if they even have flies in the future... Is there a Federation Orkin man? Mebbe they would put a white helmet on Worf and have him chase the flies with his Bat'leth? A Klingon Orkin man... wonder if he would join the union?

-- B.A.

comic forum here
Category : Comic Posted By : B.A.
22 Feb 2007   06:43:39 pm
NPT Comic: The Revisionist Pen
Please allow me to contradict myself,
I'm a man of stealth and game.

I had to sneak one more NPT comic into the news section (for reasons I won't dare bore you with).

Isn't it amazing, just how much stuff you learned in grade school comes into question as you get older? Did you ever wonder how much of your adult life you you spent unlearning stuff from your youth? I'm not talking about fun and play. It takes special effort to forget those two. I'm talking about things like history...

We are told now that the George Washington and the cherry tree incident is a myth. I don't know why they ever told that story in school to begin with. Nowadays, confess or not, it's jail time for junior!

I wonder if what they told me about Johnny Appleseed is false too?...

Now we conjecture that (besides the natives) Christopher Columbus might of been beat to the Americas by a viking, a Chineese admiral*, and I bet possibly even Martians.

And lets not get started on the moon hater people.

I guess, with all of these changes in the air, it's only natural that Mr. Lucus would want to butcher Star Wars a little bit.

By the way, this comic relates to a forum topic that can be found here.

That's all for the moment.

- B.A.

* Ok, it's claimed here that the Chinese claim to discovery of the Americas has been based on a fake map
Category : Comic, Not Prime Time Posted By : B.A.
20 Feb 2007   06:00:39 pm
NPT Comic: The Stellar Café, Part 1
New NPT Comic posted!

A new Doctor Insano comic will be posted soon. As for the comic posting schedule, it will remain somewhat irregular for the time being. We are aiming for once a week, but once every week and a half seems to be what we are doing (not counting the NPT comics which don't count and aren't counted one county little bit).

And, a brief aside if you will: I encourage you to check out Learn how a thing called Net Neutrality may greatly affect the future of the internet for all of us.

Now, As for the new NTP comic, four things of note:

1 - NPT comics will no longer be posted on the Doctor Insano news page.
(unless I really happen to like one)

2 - NPT comics now have their own section, though this section hasn't been linked into the site navigation menu yet.

3 - News notices will still be created concerning them.

4 - The art will still suck, but some are in color now. Color makes everything better! Right!? Just like bacon! Well, mebbe not everything better. I wouldn't care for blue bacon. Wonder what the hell they were thinking when they made blue ketchup?

Notes on the comic:
I still have Anthrax on the brain apparently from this previous news post. No, I do not live in a time warp, and am not checking my mail for strange white powder. Yep. Not clinging to past at all. I mean hell, I just traded up on my Intellevision for a Xbox 360. (I did this once before for a 3DO, I but I traded back for my Intellevision ).

Ok, trying something new with the art again. I've been playing with gradients. Something they call 'blends' in GIMP (a nifty photo editor if you can't afford Photoshop). (And no, not THAT gimp from Pulp Fiction). Still lots more of things to learn! (Not to mention working on the drawing!)

Hope you all enjoy.

B.A. signing out
Category : Comic, Not Prime Time Posted By : B.A.
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