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30 Jan 2007   09:29:26 pm
NPT Comic: WoW Mail 1, 2, 3, & 4
The EVIL of the World of Warcraft.
It has sucked away so many that I know.
My roommate has almost become one with the machine.
It broke our Battlestar circle, and that my friend, that should be a crime!

First attempt to draw something like this - ever!
Art sucks, I know. That's why I don't draw.

(updated 1/31/2007)
strips 3 & 4 added

(updated 2/2/2007)
Ok, so it has been established by multiple people now.
I can't draw females -yes, that is what the operator is supposed to be.
Triangles - I know I know, the triangles...

(updated 2/2/2007)
Typos typos. Looks like triangles weren't the only issue...

Category : Comic, Not Prime Time By : B.A.
30 Jan 2007   09:15:29 pm
Not ready for prime time
I serve as a writer. I am not an artist. Never have been, and most likely never will be. Outside of a passing interest in Salvador Dali, and a love of comics, my art ambitions have never ever been lofty.

I am one of those who upon seeing the iconic statues of David or of the Venus de Milo, would probably say something along the lines of: Look! You can see that dude's wang in public! (not that I would be staring too hard) Or, for the venus - something like: Hey! That nekkid statue tripped and broke her arms! Stupid? Yes. Such ignorance. Such a lack of class and appreciation...

Ok, I'm not really all THAT bad. But, I'm not an artist, and a blind man could draw a straighter line than me. But I do try. From time, we will be posting links to comics that are 'Not Ready For Prime Time'.

These are comics that are in their infancy.
The may appear on this site in a finalized form later.

Or they may never appear.

This might be your only chance to see them. Most of these types of comics will be drawn by me, so the art will suck pretty much. It might even be painful for your eyes, but if you are really curious, we'll gladly share them with you.

Hope you enjoy these, and try not to groan to hard or load.

B.A. signing off.
Category : Comic, Not Prime Time By : B.A.
27 Jan 2007   10:07:36 pm
Reciprocal Link
New hobby.
Sharing game opinions.
Calling them reviews makes them sound more important.
Category : Links By : B.A.
27 Jan 2007   01:33:41 pm
New Comic: Mooooo!
A little methane in your tank?
Category : Comic By : B.A.
26 Jan 2007   07:53:02 pm
Zombies are kewl
From a distance, alone by their self, and preferably inside a sealed enclosure.
Category : General By : B.A.
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