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18 Feb 2007   07:44:06 pm
Not Ready For Prime Time: Beta Listing Page
We have a new feature we are working on.

Instead of placing the the 'Not Ready For Prime Time' comics directly into the site news blog, future installments will be posted here:

This page hasn't been linked into our site's main navigation bar just yet, but will be once some additional testing is complete (there is a kink with the comic ordering that we are working out).

Keep in mind, the nature of these comics will remain the same. They may be infant ideas, rough sketches, or just random ideas we find goofy and amusing, but don't fit in Doctor Insano's theme. In short, it is a place for the site collaborators to just have fun and amuse themselves. Some references to these types of comics may continue to appear in the blog, but this new section will serve as the primary repository for these creations.

We hope you enjoy.

B.A. singing off...
Category : General By : B.A.
13 Feb 2007   08:57:52 pm
New Comic: Lord of the flies, part 2
New Comic: Lord of the flies, part 2

Weaponized insects? Sounds like fun.

Weaponized. I like that word.

Makes anything sound dangerous. Like, say, a pen. Mightier than the sword it may be, but it just doesn't sound very scary. Now, a weaponized pen, that sounds dangerous. Have to be careful with that. Might put someone's eye out. Of course, I guess you could say pens can be weaponized in other ways, like, say for instance - those pens used to sign off on the domestic wire tapping laws and those of similar ilk. Hell, bet those pens could be used to poke all kinds of holes in the bill of rights.

Also, it seems some things that sound deadly, aren't really all that deadly unless they have the word Weaponized in front of them. Take Anthrax for example. On this wikipedia article about the 2001 Anthrax attacks they explicitly state that the Anthrax used was weaponized. Anthrax may be naturally occurring and all, but you don't have to call it 'weaponized' to scare me. Does that mean it takes special processing to make it dangerous? Doesn't matter to me. That's something firmly placed on my perma-bad list.

Sorta like your roommates laundry when it is far past the funky stage.
Another something you don't need to be told it's weaponized.
You just know it's bad.

B.A. out
Category : Comic By : B.A.
11 Feb 2007   09:54:17 pm
NPT Comic: Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 Vacation Part 1, 2, 3, & 4
Another Not Ready For Prime Time Comic for you to savor.
Please don't spit it back on the table.
Your neighbor will make a better target.

My love for Tecmo has been somewhat diminished by the release of Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (DOAX2) for reasons detailed here. Not everyone shares my disappointment of the game though, and as chronicled in the comics above, I'm starting to understand why.

This strip has no place in the Insano universe btw, and serves mainly as a practice exercise for this author.

My first attempt to color a comic - ever!
Coloring needs work. I'm not the one who studied color theory!
Perspective - heh. Need we go there?
First attempt at speech bubbles too.
Might be my last.
Too much of a pain.
Will try a different approach later.
Art sucks, I know. That's why I don't draw.

Check this blog link again soon.
Additional comics will be posted here within the week.

Forum entry will go up soon.

EDIT 2007/02/12
Second strip added
Playing around with dialog bubbles still

I hate to admit it, but after a while, the Wave Racer part of the game did grow on me a bit.
Certain tracks I hated. Would be nice if you could pick a specific track to practice on.
Also, it REALLY needs a local two player mode.
The volleyball pretty much sucks though.
It might of been a good thing they took out the off line two player mode.
That way, you couldn't inflict that pain on your friends.
At least within throttling distance.
I also have to say, I did dig the casino mode.
That was a mode greatly expanded on from the first game, and in a good way.

More strips to come!
Again, please watch where you spit.

EDIT 2007/02/13
Third strip added!
Ok, I kinda like these text bubbles.
Easy to do. Easy is nice.
Text a little blurry - gotta work on that.

One more strip to come!

EDIT 2007/02/14

Ok, last mock up strip for this batch!
Found a way of making bubbles that I like.
Think I'll redo the others, and will done with my bit on DOAX2.
Now, if only Tecmo would get around to releasing a two player patch...

And mebbe send Lei Fang a valentine for these troubles... (just thinking in the spirit of the holiday!)

Now, back to you regularly scheduled comic!

EDIT 2007/02/15

Ok, last edit. Some dialog changes. Redid bubbles.
A bit too wordy. Should of made the panels bigger.
Oh well.
Been a fun little experiment.

About the game, you have to admit, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 is primarily a fan service vehicle.
Nothing wrong with that though.
The single player focus sucks, but that's just my take on it.
(Well, the people at kotaku have similar feelings it appears!)

People are posting videos all over the internet of the locked videos and stuff.
Cool someone likes it. Personally, I'd rather have my sixty bucks back.
Hopefully, what attention this game does get will encourage Tomonobu Itagaki not to screw up the next.

Oh, and really, there hardly is anyone playing online.
Checked three times in the last two weeks, and only saw one person on.
Briefly. They were gone before I could join.
Wonder if they were embarrassed that they were caught playing?

Ok, guess its time for a change of direction.
Now that I've laid my cartoon pencil down, gonna grab the Xbox controller and do battle in Gears of War!

B.A. - off
Category : Comic, Not Prime Time By : B.A.
05 Feb 2007   06:40:09 pm
New Comic: Lord of the flies, part 1
New Comic Link

There is nothing like a swarm of flies and gnats to ruin a nice spring evening. Bug zappers can only do so much, and they’re not a bit of help if you are out camping. What's the most common solution for handling bugs when enjoying the outdoors? Coating yourself down with bug repellent chemicals? Blah! Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just shoot those little buggers down?

Not using a normal gun of course, bad idea that. No end to the badness of that idea. You'd never hit a single pest. You probably would end up hitting all of your buddies, end up in prison, and find yourself tossing salads for the rest your new inmate buddies.

A much better idea would be to have a little mecha-fly you could carry with you. Whip that sucker out, and have it handle your bug mess. Of course... if there was such a device, there would probably be some major bugs to work out first...

Still, it seems that the military is keen to the concept. Here's a link to an ACTUAL ARTICLE on (and not a blog, amazing, eh? Ok – so this is a blog, but we’re not calling it news now are we?!) that details some of their interest. Think the next Patriot might go buzzzz? (Sorry, couldn’t help! Ahg!)

B.A. signing off...
Category : Comic By : B.A.
31 Jan 2007   08:26:11 pm
NPT Comic: Recon Respawn
A friend of mine loves guns, and wants to play with bigger ones.
He tends to forget that bit about respawning though.

Category : Comic, Not Prime Time By : B.A.
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