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03 Dec 2007   09:11:59 pm
New Doctor Insano Comic: Dorm Daze: Moving Day!
New Comic HERE

Hey everyone! We have a new Doctor Insano comic for you! Look on as the Doctor's son helps prepare the Captain's son to get ready for that most wonderful and anxious moment of life: moving out of your parents place, and going off to college! Good thing John already has a year on him!

Hang around, more to come shortly!

We promise!


Category : Comic By : B.A.
18 Nov 2007   06:05:12 pm
NEW NPT COMIC AND BLOG: The Tale of The Cereal Killer
NEW NPT COMIC: Full sized comic here.

Forum here.

The Tale of The Cereal Killer

Chaucer it is not.

Seems almost like a Beowulf spoof, but it’s not that either. Or mebbe it is.

Take it how you may
And however you like
All it really is
Is just a day in life.

Tale of The Cereal Killer

One morning, I was yanked out of the dreamscape of my slumber by the ringing of my apartment doorbell. As the morning fog lifted from my eyes, and gears once again began to click and clank in grey of my brain, I tried to speculate who would dare wake me at the ungodly hour of eleven A.M.

I assumed initially that it would be the Post. I was expecting a package, and occasionally, though rarely, a postal employee would actually make an attempt to deliver a package to my homestead, instead of just leaving me a pink note telling me to go fetch something at the post office myself. I scrambled for a shirt, tried but failed to find my hat, and hurried to my apartment entrance. As I reached down to turn the knob to open the door, it dawned on me that the day was Sunday… and that the Post didn’t run on Sundays.

Looking forward out through the empty door frame, my eyes only met empty space. Glancing downwards, they were met by three other pairs of eyes, attached to young tikes from a few doors down; two young girls and a boy, all with inquisitive looks upon their faces. The tallest girl, which I assumed to be the eldest, then put forth one of the most bizarre questions I had ever had someone seriously direct towards me.

“Excuse me sir”, she began. “We’re looking for crime. Do you know any serial killers?”

Now, as I mentioned previously, it was still a bit early in the day for me. The gears of my brain were still running a few clicks and clanks behind, and my thoughts were still trying to sync up with my mental reasoning centers. My first thought was: Did I forget to hide the bodies? Then another gear turned and I realized I hadn’t killed anyone, ever. No bodies to hide then. Then I recalled a memory from my childhood about a joke from a children’s joke book whose punch line was a pun about people who ate cereal being serial killers.

“Ah!” I thought next they are going to ask me if my refrigerator is running or something like that.

So, being clever, I smugly looked down at the tallest girl and replied “You don’t mean people who eat cereal, do you?”

She and her friends shook their heads “no” in unison, with a slight look of puzzlement crossing their collective faces, as if they didn’t get the joke. I began to wonder if they really were serious!

The eldest girl again addressed me with another question.

“Sir, do you have any newspaper?”

I told her honestly “no”. My employer had recently started getting the paper at the office and I no longer bought it myself. No longer did I have stacks of paper that kept missing their dates with the recycling tubs, and ended up getting hitched with the trash bin.

Then she asked “Do you any other kind of paper?”

“Printer paper. Would that be ok?” I offered, which was odd for me to do because I generally didn’t offer anything to random groups of people or kids asking me for stuff at my door. I didn’t even give it much though, just did it. Like I said, it was early.

She looked at her fellow investigators, they nodded, and she told me that would be ok.

So I shut my door, walked over to the laser printer in my home office, grabbed a few sheets of paper from the tray, and walked back to the door. I handed the paper to the children who eagerly accepted it, offered thanks, and then scurried away.

And that was it. Well almost.

Later that day as I was walking to my car, I ran across the two girls again. They were still holding the sheets of printer paper I given them, but they had since drawn on them. As I passed the eldest child I stopped briefly and asked:

“Did you find your serial killer?”

She looked at me with a slightly puzzled expression and shook her head no.

I then asked again, “You’re not looking for someone who eats cereal, right?”

They both said “No”, and then ran off again with their paper.

Very odd, very odd indeed.

And no, for the record, I know no serial killers. At least, I hope I don’t, haven’t, and that I will never have that future pleasure. If they had wanted a cereal killer though, in me, one they would have found. Of that I keep plenty, even though I only get a chance to down it on the weekend.

That’s right. No bodies to bury, but I do have several stale cereal boxes that need to be put in the ground, and be properly buried!

Wonder just how long these Mini-Wheats really stay fresh?...

Category : Comic By : B.A.
18 Nov 2007   05:55:27 pm
First off, the character gallery has been updated again. Check it out and see if you can spot the new portrait

Ok, been a busy week, so lets move right along here. Buncha new NPTs.

Click the name to go to the comic page.

NEW NPT COMIC! The Pain of Rights
This is a follow up to The Pain of Upgrades

NEW NPT COMIC! A Thousand Monkeys
A theory floated around the office by an aspiring Despot about a possible source of the worlds computer troubles.

NEW NPT COMIC! Water Rights
Once picture shot commentary on the intelligence community and the nature of the English language
More on this later.

NEW NPT COMIC! Break Rights
Yeah, lovely election year politicking. Everyone wants their turn to ruin things.
As I look over the current roster of candidates from both major parties, this little quote from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy keeps popping into my head:

Quote :
One of the many major problems with governing people is that of whom you get to do it; or rather of who manages to get people to let them do it to them: It is a well known fact, that those people who most want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. Anyone who is capable of getting themselves into a position of power should on no account be allowed to do the job. Another problem with governing people is people.

Douglas Adams... he is certainly missed.

(forum links will be added in later)

Category : Comic, Not Prime Time By : B.A.
17 Nov 2007   05:17:15 pm
Sketchbook updated!
Everyone should take a look at the sketchbook. The artist has updated it with some previews of characters to come.

Category : General By : B.A.
13 Nov 2007   08:41:22 pm
New Doctor Insano Comic: Meeting Greatness!
New Comic here!

The good captain has been flying around the site for quite awhile. Now he lands in his debut strip to say hi. Expect to see more of him and his family as we pry them out of his Tower of Infallitude!

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