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16 Dec 2007 09:45:41 pm
New Doctor Insano Comic: Dorm Daze: Virtue Bracelet
The good doctor loves his kids as much as any other parent. Like many other parents, he’s taken steps that will hopefully keep the halos of his little angels shining brightly forevermore. Well, as brightly as anyone’s halo can be after that mad hormone filled rush through puberty and adolescence we all go through. And while he’s too busy to stalk them, or monitor all the places they go, or even snoop through their cell phone calls, that doesn’t mean won’t conjure up an aid or two to help maintain their virtue. And what sort of item could a scientist that keeps a five story robot and a mini-mech in his basement enlist? One can only wonder… Or they could just look at this strip here!

Watch those thoughts!

Category : Comic | Posted By : B.A.
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New Doctor Insano Comic: Dorm Daze: Virtue Bracelet
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