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13 Dec 2007 08:22:24 pm
Announcing Operation Vote Stuff!
Hello Everyone!

Here’s your chance to help out the good Doctor, his friends, his family, and those unsociable types that don’t particularly care for his bunch!

Listed below are some sites where you can vote for our little web comic. Who knows, with just a little more recognition, the Doctor just might be able set up shot and sell his own t-shirts, posters, and even try to pawn off some overpriced comic prints. Ok, kidding about the comic prints. Even Doctor Insano has some scruples!

Ok, here’s a cheer for you to go on!

You have a voice!
You have power!
Give us that vote!
Show that power!
*rah* *rah* *rah*

Yeah, not the cheerleader. Not saving any worlds here.


You don’t have to register at these sites.
Just click the VOTE link!

Vote for Doctor Insano at Top Web Comics!
We are currently exploring the bottom depths of that list.
It’s amazing just how far down you can go!
Help show us the light up!

Sinking at Buzzcomix is one heck of a Buzzkill!
Help us get the Doctor riding high again!

You have to register at the sites below, but it’s free to do.

Here are some more sites where you can vote.

Kill Boredom

Here are some sites where you don’t vote, but you can add Doctor Insano as a favorite, which is sorta like voting.

The Webcomic List

Webbed Comics!

Comic Alert

And, we’re joking about vote stuffing… Yes sirree… Most the damn sites keep a record of how many times you vote so you can't stuff the ballot box! Well, at least not in one day…

Please, check these sites out.
Thanks again for your support!!!


We've put up pretty little vote buttons on the 'Links' page.
Check 'em out, and put 'em to use!!!
Doctor Insano Vote Links
Category : General | Posted By : B.A.
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Announcing Operation Vote Stuff!
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