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18 Nov 2007   05:55:27 pm
First off, the character gallery has been updated again. Check it out and see if you can spot the new portrait

Ok, been a busy week, so lets move right along here. Buncha new NPTs.

Click the name to go to the comic page.

NEW NPT COMIC! The Pain of Rights
This is a follow up to The Pain of Upgrades

NEW NPT COMIC! A Thousand Monkeys
A theory floated around the office by an aspiring Despot about a possible source of the worlds computer troubles.

NEW NPT COMIC! Water Rights
Once picture shot commentary on the intelligence community and the nature of the English language
More on this later.

NEW NPT COMIC! Break Rights
Yeah, lovely election year politicking. Everyone wants their turn to ruin things.
As I look over the current roster of candidates from both major parties, this little quote from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy keeps popping into my head:

Quote :
One of the many major problems with governing people is that of whom you get to do it; or rather of who manages to get people to let them do it to them: It is a well known fact, that those people who most want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. Anyone who is capable of getting themselves into a position of power should on no account be allowed to do the job. Another problem with governing people is people.

Douglas Adams... he is certainly missed.

(forum links will be added in later)

Category : Comic, Not Prime Time Posted By : B.A.
04 Nov 2007   04:29:21 pm
NEW NPT COMIC: The Pain of Upgrades
NEW NPT COMIC: The Pain of Upgrades

Full size here.

Alternate edit here. (a little more wordy, a little more video gamey)

Comic forum here.

Ah, yes. Upgrade time. Generally speaking, it is a wondrous occasion to any home bound self-professed technological aficionado. In the workplace, this can be an anxious time of delayed schedules, disrupted projects, and numerous annoying meetings, but in the home it is a time that allows one to gain new potential out of old hardware, much like dropping a turbo in an old mustang, or adding bigger pipes.

The process can introduce a period of grand pleasure in the aficionado’s existence. New games may be played. More complicated applications may be executed. Photoshop may crash a little less. All of this joy though, can be quickly rendered moot by any of many potential upgrade quirks, and bring about much frustration.

The source of these quirks are many and varied; in his or her rush to get the new equipment working as soon as possible, a critical line may be skipped over during the manual glance about, or the product installation card may have fallen into that void where many such help items go. After that a plug may be undone, a cable left loose, a screw may be lost, the wrong socket filled, or the fan might even be disconnected.

Assuming the upgrade operation is performed without human failure or error, it is still possible for the upgrade vendor to foil the aficionado’s enjoyment by providing a bad hardware driver for the operating system (that’s Windows, Linux, or whatever you use to interface with a Mac), or, missing that opportunity, provide corrupted power saving software that causes your computer to turn off, and stay off, until you unplug it from the wall for five minutes…

So, it is generally good advice for anyone installing new hardware, to take a brief moment to peek around on the internet and see if anyone else has had any issues with it. Yah never know what you may find. If given the chance though, to get the most enjoying out of your upgrade experience, you should let someone run through that minefield first!

Happy Upgrading!

Category : Comic, Not Prime Time Posted By : B.A.
30 Oct 2007   05:56:54 pm
NEW NPT COMIC: Spirit of the Season
NEW NPT COMIC: Spirit of the Season here

And Another Happy Halloween To Everyone!

Busy day!
Not much to say!
But later though,
we'll have more to show!

Happy Holiday!

Category : Comic, Not Prime Time Posted By : B.A.
23 Oct 2007   09:26:07 pm
NEW NPT COMIC! Move'n Sucks
New NPT comic here

Yeah, the name pretty much sums up a lot. Moving sucks!

Ok, it's been a long time coming, but we got some new content up.

It's not the main comic I know, that is due soon, but this is a sign to let everyone know we are getting back into the swing of things.

The summer was a whole lot crazy with a bit pure insanity mixed in.

A new NPT comic is in the works already and TWO Doctor Insano comic items will be presented soon.

We are also looking to rewrite some of the site code so if you get the odd blank page or site error, don't worry about it. It will only be temporary.

We are still looking into upgrading the forum software. There have been way too many spam registrations. If you signed a legitimate account and got delete, please send us a note on the contact form along with your username.

Also, we are investigation writing a Facebook game. Who know, you might see Insano Robot vs Talents vs Alien battles there soon!

Thanks everyone for your support!

Time for more insanity!!!!

Category : Comic, Not Prime Time Posted By : B.A.
16 May 2007   06:51:19 pm
New NPT Comic: You Can't Make This Stuff Up!
New NPT Comic here

Forum here.

Ok, this update is running a few days late. The NPT has been up for a bit already.

And really, you can't make this stuff up. Just look here for proof. I'm sure there has to be a logical reason why what happened, happened. Drugs? Mental? Still, ewww.... Hate to hear about that.

Now, as for the comic, your's truly is trying new things again (remember, I'm NOT the artist - though I guess that really isn't hard to tell!). Animals! Never tried drawing one before. Poorly done nudity! If you only see a bare butt, it's only PG-13, right? I have to say, as I said before, I really like computer drawing tablets. I've been shown how to ink a drawing, but digital 'inking' is really nice. Much smaller file sizes, and a lot less debris to clean out the image, than when scanning in a drawing. Still, so much more to learn!

Anyways, the next Doctor Insano comic is on schedule. Should be up next week. Woo hoo.

-- B.A.
Category : Comic, Not Prime Time Posted By : B.A.
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